I have a list of my private keys I generated, and I want to import all of them into SimpleWallet.

I have the Spend key, view key, address, and mnemonic from MoneroAddress' generations. I can format them differently if needed. I'd like to know how I can import many of these at once into SimpleWallet or any other wallet software.


Most of the time associated importing keys will be the sync requirement before those keys can be used to sign a transaction.

I am not aware of any official script that can be used to important many keys at once. Even if such a script existed you would still need to sync each account before funds could be spent. simplewallet can only sync one account at a time. You could run multiple instances of simplewallet in order to speed up the sync process.


You've have to restore them in separate instances of simplewallet. Typically, for simultaneous restores, you don't want to run more than 2-4 instances. Restoring is chunky, and can take a few hours!

If you wanted to script it you could do something like:


./simplewallet --wallet-file a.bin --password "somepassword" --restore-deterministic-wallet --electrum seed "all your words go here"

If you're running a current version from git, then you can leave out --wallet-file, as it will automatically set the wallet filename to be the wallet address.

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    did not know the bit about leaving out --wallet-file. by current version do you mean when pulling from head, or v0.9.4? Aug 30 '16 at 15:59
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    @bigreddmachine ah - by "current version from git" I meant git head, should've clarified:) Aug 30 '16 at 16:14

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