I have my full monero node and I'm trying to extrapolate from it, all the tx (incoming and outgoing) involving my address. Right now I'm using the monerojs library and scanning the blocks, the data I'll need in theory will be:

 inputs: [ [MoneroOutput], [MoneroOutput] ],
 outputs: [ [MoneroOutput], [MoneroOutput] ],

I've gotten to the point of checking out these items:

MoneroOutput {
    state: {
      amount: [BigInteger],
      keyImage: [MoneroKeyImage],
      ringOutputIndices: [Array],
      tx: [MoneroTx]

ringOutputIndices should be the object where the Ring Signatures are applied. I would like to know if there are any ways to be able to trace my tx, obviously having my private keys available.

Are there any code examples or documentation to consult for this purpose?



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