When I run the monerojs library method for wallet synchronization on my local testnet node, it takes too long to synchronize. Every time I run the code it's like it's re-syncing all over again. Reading on other Stack questions for other users who used monero-wallet-cli, one needs to use an exit method to not lose sync data.

From the monerojs documentation I can't find such a method (https://moneroecosystem.org/monero-javascript/MoneroWalletFull.html). I don't know if I'm just configuring the wallet wrong.

This is my code:

  let wallet = await monerojs.createWalletFull({
    networkType: MoneroNetworkType.TESTNET,
    password: "<passw>",
    mnemonic: "<Mnemonic>",
    serverUri: "",

  const syncResult = await wallet.sync();
  console.log('Sync progress:', syncResult);

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From the monerojs documentation I can't find such a method...

It's documented, see: https://moneroecosystem.org/monero-javascript/MoneroWallet.html#close


(async) close(save)

Optionally save then close the wallet.


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