I downloaded my local node on the Monero testnet, specifically I used:

monerod --testnet --db-sync-mode fast --prune-blockchain

After successfully launching the node, I mined some XMR. My intention is to test Monero transactions with the monerojs Javascript library.

Currently on my Monero address I have about 1.5 XMR but when I try to view my balance from the local Javascript console, it always shows me a balance equal to zero.

This is the Javascript code I used:

let wallet = await monerojs.createWalletFull({
    networkType: MoneroNetworkType.TESTNET,
    password: "<MyPass>",
    mnemonic: "<myMnemonic>",
    server: new monerojs.MoneroRpcConnection(""),

const syncResult = await wallet.sync();
console.log('Sync progress:', syncResult);

let account= await wallet.getAccount(0)
  const balance=account.getBalance() // or const balance=parseInt(account.getBalance().toString(), 10)

BigInteger { _d: [], _s: 0 }



Can someone explain to me if I'm doing the wrong connection to the daemon or some wallet configuration?

  • Have you fully synced/scanned the blockchain with your wallet? Your post above doesn't show you have actually done this. See example usage in the tests: src/test/TestMoneroWalletFull.js
    – jtgrassie
    Jun 16, 2023 at 2:01
  • I was doing the sync function wrong at the node. Now works. The only thing is that it is very slow to sync the wallet. If I do it via monero-wallet-cli it's much faster
    – AlexCav
    Jun 16, 2023 at 9:17


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