Trying to work through a best setup for my XMRnode. Mostly focused on security, but anonymity is nice. I have the node running on my home IP and have forwarded ports. Used Sethforprivacy (advanced) guide. I am running the node at home on a PowerEdge Ubuntu VM, but I am a hobbyist and struggling with the next steps. Need help getting the ball over the goal line... And Security wise, how bad is what I am doing? Should I shut it down until I figure out the below?

1a. Cloudflare. There are lots of guides on running a site through cloudflare using NGINX reverse proxy and SSL certs. I have tried this for a generic website and failed. Is it possible to do with ports 18080 and 18081? Is this worth trying again for this scenereo? I have a domain name that is doing nothing.

1b. I have not tried Cloudflare tunnels, would that work for this?

2a. I have a Surfshark VPN and attempted to add it to OPNsense via wireguard and failed with that. (it worked, just not correctly, I got lost in some firewall rules somewhere.) I have been meaning to try Surfshark with the OPNvpn setup and see if that was easier. Then I could route the node through that, perhaps. It would hide my home IP, but I would still be forwarding ports to the VM, right?

2b. I could try surfshark directly on the VM, also

  1. Tor. I was able to make a dummy VM for the sole purpose of Tor and I successfully created a "default NGINX' website onion address . But I have not figured out how to tie that to the node. (or another instance, rather, on the actual XMR node)

  2. how do people link the node to a web address? (question 1?)

I guess I am asking for best advice, and maybe some steps of learning to get to that best advice. You can see that reverse proxies and networking are not my forte' Thanks.

  • I keep googling and finding my own question! I start reading and am like "yes! I found it" and realize it's my own unanswered question. :-(
    – ColeTrain
    Feb 12 at 1:07


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