My Trezor HW is stolen and I can’t access my funds. I have my Trezor seed but I can’t enter it in Monero wallets, as it has the wrong length. How do I convert the seed?

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Note: Entering your seed on your computer can potentially expose it to malware if your computer is compromised.

First step is to download Git for Windows.

  • Go to gitforwindows.org and use the Download button.
  • Install it with default settings.

Next step is to install Python 3.

Afterwards open the git-bash shell the following way.

  • Open the following path: C:\Program Files\Git in Explorer.
  • Start git-bash.exe as administrator, maximize the window.

Then enter the following commands, line by line.

  • git clone --recursive https://github.com/ph4r05/monero-agent
  • cd monero-agent
  • pip3 install .[poc,trezor]

The tool has now been installed. Use the following command to convert your Trezor seed to a Monero compatible seed. Make sure to replace the words starting with permit ... with your Trezor seed.

monero-seed --slip0010 -- 'permit universe parent weapon amused modify essay borrow tobacco budget walnut lunch consider gallery ride amazing frog forget treat market chapter velvet useless topple'

The program will now print your Monero compatible seed under the line starting with Seed Monero wrds.

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