Is it possible to save the progress of the refresh command in the monero-wallet-cli in the middle of a running refresh -- before it finishes reaching the end of the blockchain?

I need to pay an invoice, and I'd like to use Monero.

I'm currently traveling, so I can only work for a few hours before I have to fully shutdown my laptop.

I downloaded the latest monero CLI wallet software, and I restored my wallet from the seed:

./monero-wallet-cli --use-english-language-names --restore-deterministic-wallet

I'm also running monerod locally (I have my own local node on my laptop).

./monerod --offline

The monero refresh starts at block 0.

Starting refresh...
Height 0 / 2618360

After some hours, I need to shutdown my computer. It didn't finish the refresh, but it got a good chunk of it done.

After lunch, I boot my laptop again and open the wallet. But it's started the refresh back at block 0 again!

Starting refresh...
Height 0 / 2618360

I really like the idea of Monero, but I'm finding it quite impractical to use. And if I need to put my wallet in a server on the cloud, well, then it's not very secure..

Is there a way to save the progress of a wallet's refresh in the middle of a refresh so that the refresh can be done in-parts over several sessions between reboots?

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You can save the progress of a wallet's refresh before it completes, but you have to exit the wallet safely.

You can pause a refresh by pressing "Ctrl+C" on your computer (send the ^C SIGINT signal).

Starting refresh...
Height 0 / 261836060
Height 2352605 / 261836060
Refresh done, blocks received: 66661                            
Untagged accounts:
          Account               Balance      Unlocked balance                 Label
Background refresh thread started
[wallet 45yY5A (out of sync)]: 

Then use the save command to save the progress to the wallet's cache

[wallet 45yY5A (out of sync)]: save
Wallet data saved

Finally, exit the wallet safely with the exit command

[wallet 45yY5A (out of sync)]: exit

When you open the wallet again, it will refresh where it left off.

But, if you just close the terminal or shutdown your computer, then it will not save this progress, and the refresh will start again at block 0.

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