I am new to crypto and mining.

For several days I setup a dedicated Linux machine for Monero with mining. My machine is I5 Board with several SSDs. Running 5.13.0-40-generic #45-Ubuntu SMP x86_64 GNU/Linux, headless, NoMachine Remote Desktop connection.

The case is as follows:

The monerod is started a boot time. My lmdb is 100% synchronized. When I start the Monero GUI it connects to my local node. So far so good. All is running fine.

But when I start the mining by the GUI a second instance of the monero daemon seems to be initiated. I selected p2pool mining with main.

I think that only the configuration data is changed to the monerod already running. These second daemon is started with the wrong directory for the database. This brings it to the negative effect that the complete lmdb will be created (downloaded) again.

p2pool is started too. p2pool waits about 12 hours until it self crashes.

Yes my internet connection is very slow (max. 20 Mb/s).

I encountered this problem today and I thought that I am the problem, so I checked all my work/setup many times. But that is not the case.

The problem I described above is repeatable.

My first question is:

Why is the Monero GUI trying to establish a second daemon even it has connected successfully to daemon already running? Are there any command line parameters for the GUI to eliminate this behavior?

My second question is:

At p2pool.io Get Started is written, that after p2pool is started you could use XMRig. Is this a necessity?

Because when I look at the options of

p2pool --help:

P2Pool v1.9 (built with GCC/10.3.1 on Mar 30 2022)

One option says

--start-mining N Start built-in miner using N threads (any value between 1 and 64)

I am litte bit confused what does what when it comes to mining.

Can someone please describe the dependencies when it comes to mining. What is minimum what is optional?

Thank you all very much!

Please apologize my bad English.


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