Recently I created a Cake Wallet account and sent Monero to it. However, whenever I try to sync it, it continues to say "Starting Sync." I have tried connecting it to various different nodes but none of those have worked either.

Also, every time I add a different node, it shows up with a red dot beside it. This happens even if the node works outside of the Cake Wallet. Is this a known bug? Or is there something I can do to fix any of this?

  • same for me on iOS, it does not finish sync even if app left running in iPhone background. Did you found solution? I will try to restore wallet on Haven linux wallet...
    – zzffeedd
    Commented May 21, 2022 at 9:54
  • No. I haven't found a solution yet...
    – UserProg2
    Commented May 22, 2022 at 17:11

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If no nodes work at all, then it is probably an issue with your internet provider blocking connections to the nodes. You can try a VPN, using Tor, or a different network connection.



It must be firewall-related. Either yours or, more likely telecoms. They tend to block "mining operations"..

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