I'm using 6 identical desktop computers to do CPU mining of Monero using the monerod and monero-wallet-gui applications (downloaded Windows 64-bit (Installer)). Each have their own wallet, they are set to Advanced mode and everything is saved locally (ie. I download the full transactions instead of connecting to some node).

I noticed that the daemon keeps complaining that port 18080 is not open but there seem to be conflicting details online regarding this, with some claiming that the message can be ignored entirely.

To make things worse, on 2 computers I've noticed that the keyboard and mouse can become non responsive after a while and even the pillowcase-smother-your-spouse tactic of holding down the power button does not shut down the computer and I have to PHYSICALLY UNPLUG!

My questions are as follows

  1. Do I need to have port 18080 open to mine for Monero?
  2. How does one port forward to multiple machines from a single router (I see no option to simply open port 18080 on my router, only to forward it)?
  3. Is it the GUI wallet/daemon causing the system freezes and is there a better application to use?


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