I wanted to try generateblocks in regtest mode. It works, blocks get generated. Using the RPC call get_last_block_header I can see new blocks and their heights.

Problem is that after monerod restarts, all blocks get lost. It shows initial block at height 0, nothing else. It happens even if I enter save and exit commands manually, instead of traditional ^D. I'm using the latest version, v0.17.3.0 on Ubuntu. I ran monerod with log-level 3 but didn't find any errors. It happens to the blocks generated by the traditional way (start_mining) as well.

I tried to start a new blockchain in testnet mode and all works correctly (blocks get saved).

What am I doing wrong? Or, what's wrong with regtest?

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You need to use the parameter --keep-fakechain if you want to keep a regtest blockchain.


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