OS: lubuntu 20.04 Monero-GUI: 5.15.2) wallet: Ledger Nano S

Created Ledger Monero App on it using Ledger-Live.

in Monero-GUI:

  • Welcome ->
  • Advanced Mode ->
  • Create new wallet from hardware ->

--- unlockied HW walled and connected to Monero app

  • all default selecting Ledger Nano S -> -" Creating wallet from device ... Please check your hardware wallet - your input maybe required -"

--- HW wallet showed:

x Export v/ View Key

  • I clicked on the right button, or left button, or both, or didn't do anything.

Regardless - the ring in the middle of the gui keeps on spinning, nothing happens for a long time and the GUI window is frozen to the point that I cannot even move it around. I

I use 'htop' and kill the process

So,what am I missing/doing wrong? I really want to create a wallet!



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