As the post title already suggests I'm looking for a way to implement a payment feature with monero as the currency for my online shop.

It should be possible to receive the same ammount of money / monero for multiple orders and different clients.

I'm new to monero and don't know how to implement this but this is kinda my plan when someone orders a product:

  1. Fetch the current monero market price from coinbase or other plattform and convert the price of my product from dollars to monero (no problemm, can do that)

  2. Provide the client my monero address (also no problem)

  3. TODO: Find out how to differenciate between payments with the same amount. Here I'm thinking it would be neat to get a Hash or some form of key which I can send to some API to check:

    • The status of the transaction (pending / successful / failed)

    • Amount of monero being sent

    • The recipient's monero address

Is there any way to implement this? Any monero API to check status, ammount and recipient of a monero transaction? Does the monero wallet have an API I can use for this?

Backend is written in Node.js btw

  • Does this not answer your question? Or any of the other tagged questions' answers?
    – jtgrassie
    Oct 29 '21 at 23:26

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