All my transactions over the past couple of weeks have been failing in my GUI wallet. I think this means the blockchain data is out of sync.

I tried using the "Interface" in the GUI to flush the tx pool and cache, etc. This had no effect.

Then I tried recovering the wallet in the CLI and in a cloud wallet. The CLI opened the wallet but

  • its daemon (monerod.exe) was out of sync and would take 8 days to download and too much disk space (this is weird because the GUI has its own giant but corrupted blockchain data it loads with the daemon when it runs - not sure why it doesn't try to use that)
  • it could only see the original address which had no balance remaining, but didn't find the several subaddresses that have a balance (even when I told it to scan for them)

What should I try next? Can I get the CLI to restore the wallet with a cloud daemon (ideally in a reasonable amount of time)? Any other commands I should try to run?

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    Which version of the software were you using? It could be that you were using an outdated version and therefore were not able to transact properly.
    – dEBRUYNE
    Sep 15, 2021 at 16:59


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