I’ve a monerod on stagenet. How can I know it’s synced the blockchain?


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How do you know monerod has synced?

Multiple different ways:

  • If running interactively in a console, you'll see a message when synchronized or you can run status at any time which shows the same.

  • You can also run monerod status in another shell to get the same message.

  • You can call the daemon's RPC method get_info which has a property synchronized in the response. E.g.

    curl -d \
      "id": "0",
      "jsonrpc": "2.0",
      "result": {
        "synchronized": true,
  • You could watch the log file.

I’ve a monerod on stagenet.

Which network is irrelevant. All the above work, the only caveat with the RPC option is making sure you use the correct port number (18081 for mainnet, 28081 for testnet and 38081 for stagenet).

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