I want to setup a node at home using Raspberry Pi 4. I am running 64-bit Ubuntu server OS on it. Which monero download file should I pick, Linux ARMv8 or Linux ARMv7 ?

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Firstly, Raspberry Pi's should generally be avoided for running a node as they don't have hardware AES, which means you'll have slower syncing/scanning/verification. There are many comparable devices which do have hardware AES, thus are better options.

Second, if you are definitely running a 64-bit version of Ubuntu (see uname -a to confirm) and are using a board the has hardware AES (which Raspberry Pi's don't), you can use the ARMv8 release.

Otherwise (and in your case) use the ARMv7 release. If you're really brave / patient (it takes a long time on Raspberry Pi's), compile from source.

  • As I have reported in my other question, ARMv8 binaries do not run successfully on Raspberry Pi 4. I will probably try using ARMv7 release.
    – xmrkrabs
    Aug 29, 2021 at 16:26

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