I was preparing to buy a few computers to mine monero, and we can clearly see the benchmarks on your websites.

But as I explored some wallets on nanopool, I saw hashrates exceeding 10 million.

Any idea how is that possible? Has ASIC resistance gone away? And this is only one amongst many examples.

Between 15 and 50 million here for example. https://xmr.nanopool.org/account/8B1juYTFX9C4CMEjPZyjKvBh8h5TFZd8DbwTZPq9ggA4YVeSVavvsdN32mohei7RVHMAY5P2PnmwccKQFHQqyw1H2mJrQfj


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Any idea how is that possible?

People renting hashrate on platforms like NiceHash.

Has ASIC resistance gone away?


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