Hi complete noob here but still want to run a monero node:

I completed the Qubes Whonix Isolation guide for a monero node.

I created a wallet in wallet-ws then. Shutdown. Then I opened monerod-ws and ran: monerod --log-level 4 in terminal and got some errors:

T BlockchainLMDB::open
W Failed to check for Nmap support: write failed: No space left on device
E Error opening database: Failed to check for map support: write failed: No space left on device.
E Exception in main! Failed to initialize core.

Before this however I used to get the Failed to bind IPv4 to etc error. But this time I ran monerod and got this new error somehow it changed smh.

In the qubes manager section I set the Private storage max to 95000MiB The System storage is at 10240 MiB and gray out so I can't change that.

But I also remember I had my qubes to dynamically increase in size as I use them so Idk why it's saying now that disk is full but yesterday it was a different error. How do I increase the size of the device?

And where can I find list of commands to troubleshoot daemon.

Like: How to know if daemon is sync blocks and how many. How to know if daemon is connected to tor. Am I supposed to change the ip of the daemon to my own ip as in the ip of the monerod-ws vm?

I tried the --help section but I am super noob.

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Unless you are running monerod in prunning mode, you'll need more than "95000MiB".

Storage seems full. You can check with df -h inside daemon workstation.

By default, Qubes workstations can't communicate between them. You can check this resource for one possible configuration

  • Question I set private storage max size to 13448 MiB,(120gb) more than enough. However, when I run df -h in the terminal I get: Size Used. Avail. Dev/xvdb 13GB. 13GB. 0 Why does this block have a limit when I set the max limit to 120GB. (My system storage max size is 10240MiB.) My qube is on the dynamically change size if that even matters.
    – Facelook
    Commented Jul 18, 2021 at 1:57
  • 1
    it should increase as needed. 13 000 MiB is about 13 GB not 120 Commented Jul 18, 2021 at 2:03

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