Conceptually speaking, is it possible to replace pybitmessage requirement in Monero Multisig System in favor of an I2P tunnel ?

If not, what additionnal feature(s) does pybitmessage provides over an I2P tunnel ?

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Yes, I2P conceptually could be used instead of PyBitmessage. That was even part of the original MMS thinking:

Hopefully a future MMS will build on Monero's "native" private communication system, Kovri, but we are probably still quite some time away from a Kovri release ready for broad use.

Kovri (abandoned, and essentially replaced by i2p-zero), is merely an I2P router implementation. Thus MMS could certainly be updated to make it work with i2p-zero, or some other secure messaging implementation. I suspect that had i2p-zero existed back when MMS was first designed, the author probably would never have bothered using PyBitmessage.

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