I am using Ledger S. Have not opened it about 6 months and now when I did open it, it told that some GUI wallet files are missing from PC or something like that. I restored my Monero GUI wallet from 25 seeds. Wallet and daemon is syncronised now, it took about 4 hours. But balance is zero. I had more than 9 xmr in my wallet and now I dont see it anymore. How did this happen? Is it possible to get back my xmr? The restore high was 2064000.

At first I tried to restore wallet from device: "Error writing wallet from hardware device. Check application logs" - what this means?

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    Do you see the transaction(s) depositing those 9 monero in the history ? If yes, you likely sent those monero or someone got your keys. If no, then the wallet has not scanned the chain and you need to rescan. The restore height you give seems valid though. – user36303 Apr 29 at 9:34
  • I had a similar issue, hoping to add some Monero purchased at Coinomi, to my GUI desktop wallet. After the consolidation procedure (2 steps) my 3.26 XMR went to zero. I attempted restoring three times one with a restore height a month before I added my XMR to GUI, one with restore height last November and finally with a zero restore height. Still at 0.000. If someone has experienced this issue with Monero Wallet GUI and can answer this/these questions, that would be excellent. – Timothy May 6 at 1:14

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