Back early 2018 I installed monero full node with intention to learn to mine, then actually purchased 7 coins. I wrote down the 25 words, but was too smart for my own good with the other passkey info. I wrote it in a way that I have info, but I basically know the info is incorrect. All I can guarantee is the date I opened the wallet, and the 25 words. This was pre ledger. I today installed GUI to a new computer, and tied wallet to ledger. I now have a synced wallet, but balance and history are both 0. The actually computer that was running the node was scrubbed. Have I lost my coins?


If you have the 25 words you can restore the wallet and recover the coins. I'd do this on a PC and not a ledger at first. (Find the money then move to a ledger if desired) The wallet has to fully sync to a fully synced daemon/node. If restoring by date/height make sure its a bit before that. or just do a full refresh.

  • Thanks for the reply :) I tried that. and had the same issue. How can I remove all that i have done so far from my computer (GUI wallet, daemon etc), that I can try again without ledger?
    – Dfut
    Apr 11 '21 at 14:55
  • On a Mac/Linux delete the ~/.bitmonero folder (blockchain). And whatever folder the wallet is in. Not sure in Windows land. I know Monero at least used to put in some registry keys. You could just make a VM, install monero, (I'd suggest just the CLI, but thats me. --restore-deterimistic I think is the flag.) and do the restore. It should complain about no daemon. Then I'd just have it point to a remote node for the daemon (most pools offer them). Good luck.
    – Dave
    Apr 11 '21 at 15:51
  • Hi Dave, Rather than try deleting, I downloaded from getmonero.org the GUI zip file to a new computer. I dont know how to use the Monero CLI, so I tried simple mode wallet, typed the seed words single spaced,, and put height date 2 months before I started in 2018. I got exactly the same message as the first computer. "Electrum style word list failed verification". I KNOW the words are correct, I triple checked them at the time, and have cross referenced them against the Monero list of words for spelling. I have also tried this words to start with mymonero.com. Same result. What can I do now??
    – Dfut
    Apr 12 '21 at 2:39
  • By any chance did you transpose any of the words 'for security'? The last word is a checksum and I believe should also be one of the other words. (Windows, Mac, or Linux? Not that this would be the prob but might be able to write a small script if Mac/Linux to help)
    – Dave
    Apr 13 '21 at 8:51
  • You said this is all pre-ledger. Sure of that? Could those 25 words be Ledger words?
    – Dave
    Apr 13 '21 at 9:06

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