I configured a private remote node using the official docs (compiled from source at release-v0.17 on Debian buster).

When I run monerod --config-file /home/monero-admin/.monero/monerod.conf, the node appears to work as expected.

$ monerod --config-file /home/monero-admin/.monero/monerod.conf status
2021-03-18 14:51:16.460 I Monero 'Oxygen Orion' (v0.17.1.9-release)
Height: 2319663/2319663 (100.0%) on mainnet, not mining, net hash 2.16 GH/s, v14, 0(out)+0(in) connections, uptime 0d 0h 36m 11s

When I run DNS_PUBLIC=tcp torsocks monerod --config-file /home/monero-admin/.monero/monerod.conf, running monerod --config-file /home/monero-admin/.monero/monerod.conf status hangs and I see many We tried for 15 seconds to connect to '[scrubbed]' using exit... errors in /var/log/syslog.

$ DNS_PUBLIC=tcp torsocks monerod --config-file /home/monero-admin/.monero/monerod.conf
2021-03-18 14:53:01.224 I Monero 'Oxygen Orion' (v0.17.1.9-release)
2021-03-18 14:53:04.156 I SYNCHRONIZATION started
1616079308 ERROR torsocks[5975]: General SOCKS server failure (in socks5_recv_connect_reply() at socks5.c:527)

$ monerod --config-file /home/monero-admin/.monero/monerod.conf status
2021-03-18 14:53:12.637 I Monero 'Oxygen Orion' (v0.17.1.9-release)

I believe something is not working at the torsocks level but I don't know how to troubleshoot this further.

On the wallet side, connecting to node over Tor using torsocks takes for ever to connect even when the node is working as expected (when not connected though torsocks).

$ cat .monero/monerod.conf

I am likely doing something wrong.

  • I want to ask you a question. Can we fix the mistake made in the last letter of the address? One of my relatives mistyped the last letter of the address while transferring and their tokens were lost. thanks [email protected] Mar 22, 2021 at 13:39
  • Welcome to Monero! If you have a NEW question, please ask it by clicking the Ask Question button. If you have sufficient reputation, you may upvote the question. Alternatively, "star" it as a favorite and you will be notified of any new answers.
    – Glorfindel
    Mar 22, 2021 at 13:44


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