GUI version provides number of confirmations and address from which coins were sent. But I don't know how to see it using CLI version of wallet. I tried to use show_transactions and show_transaction <txid>, but it didn't help. show_transaction <txid> shows number of confirmations only for received coins, but not for sent coins. Why? And how to see the source address? Hope for your help!


If show_transaction does not show the number of confirmations, nothing else does. It should be pretty easy to add. Same thing for source.

  • how to add? screenshot of gui version with number of confirmations: i.imgur.com/5MfqPK6.png. source address(transaction details): i.imgur.com/MhWD4VO.png
    – mooko
    Mar 2 at 18:38
  • src/simplewallet/simplewallet.cpp, in show_transfer, you'd add a similar print for out transactions as already exists for in transactions. Similar for addresses, but you'd have to recreate the address from subaddress indices I think. But same place.
    – user36303
    Mar 2 at 18:57

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