I was restoring my wallet from seed and my 25 word seed is generating a different primary address from the original wallet I created (and funded). Seed's words are in Italian. 25th word is the same of 24th. I tried with 24-word (without the last) and the result is the same primary address. I tried to restore from CLI and from GUI with same result. I'm sure that I didn't use an offset passphrase when I generated the wallet. I tried to change language of GUI app to Italian and to English with same output (always the same primary address that doesn't match my original one). Please help.... maybe I lost funds?

  • Ok I understand that last word is the checksum and always repeats one of the 24 seed words – bissiol Feb 19 at 18:15
  • Seed words always produce the same main address. Perhaps you're using a set of seed words for a different wallet or are confusing the main address with a separate sub/account address in the wallet. – jtgrassie Feb 20 at 21:06
  • Main address (primary address) is the same of the Wallet. I've never created a sub address in my account. Anyway.. when I write "balance" in the wallet I should see my funds. I can't understand why I have one seed that now is generating a brand new wallet. I created a wallet (offline, cold) then I wrote paper backups of the seed. After this I saved watchonly wallet. I sent funds to the primary address. Now I wanted to recover the wallet and I found this surprise: a brand new wallet. So strange. I haven't other keys – bissiol Feb 20 at 23:21
  • "when I write balance I should see my funds" <- Not seeing funds can be an entirely different situation. address all will show your wallet addresses, irrespective of whether your wallet has scanned the blockchain and thus shows your correct balance. – jtgrassie Feb 21 at 0:15
  • Yes of course. In the watchonly wallet I see my balance and my address (I have just one, the primary address) but in the recover-from-seed wallet I see another wallet, another primary address... So it is a different wallet. – bissiol Feb 21 at 8:18

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