i have 3 pc's. all 3 have monero gui downloaded on all 3 and block chain node dled on all 3. If I use one pc to house the block chain node on it and have my other 3 remote to that one pc will that increase the hash rate? or is it still separate? if so i been trying to get it setup but it just won't connect.

things i have done: router firewall opened 18080-81 windows firewall made sure monero gui and minerod are allowed put the my ip and 18081 for port on host pc and put same on second and 3rd pc set a remote node they just sit there and won't connected.

i saw post to use "monerod --rpc-bind 192.168.1.XXX --rpc-bind-port XXXXX --restricted-rpc --confirm-external-bind" but not sure how exactly to use it. in the gui do i go to log and enter it there in the command line before or after i start the node daemon.or do i just put the ip and port in the node settings start the daemon and then starter monerod and enter it there? i saw post that i was suppose to create a shortcut on desktop go to properties and add it to the target behind the dir, but that gives me a error everytime i try to apply.

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