Hello I am trying to set up an xmr rig on my laptop. When I run the the start.cmd it runs without issue, but I get low hashrate issue. So I am trying to run as admin but then I get the following error:

"xmrig.exe is not recognized as a internal or external command, operable program or batch file".

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

  • Probably not, but if running from a command line try ./xmrig.exe. Been a while since I was on a Windows box, but hopefully they removed ./ (local directory) from the PATH. Its a minor security issue to have ./ in the PATH.
    – Dave
    Jan 17 '21 at 12:56

You may edit start.cmd and add as the very first line:

cd /d "%~dp0"

This will change directory from the current one ("C:\Windows\System32") to the one the batch file is.

You may otherwise edit the PATH global variable of Windows to include the folder where you stored the xmrig.exe executable.

  • Thank you so much! it worked!!
    – Shrey
    Jan 14 at 5:45

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