I tried to read a Monero guide but I don't understand some things.

I have addresses that start with 4wzx, 8AAA and 8sgs in Accounts and 8AAA and 8gjm in Receive. Why are 8AAA and 8AAA the same, but 8sgs and 8gjm different? To which address will money belong if someone sends Monero to the 8gjm subaddress?

Can I send money to the Accounts subaddress and the other address? Or maybe I should use only Receive subaddresses?

What's the difference between Accounts subaddresses and Receive subaddresses?


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A wallet has a primary address (that starts with a 4) and can have any number of subaddresses (that start with an 8). Accounts are just an abstraction which allow subaddresses to be separated - you could create one account for your savings and one for daily spending for example.

When someone sends you XMR to an address, it is sent to that address. The wallet that the address belongs to can then spend the received XMR.

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