I sent out a transaction from my GUI Wallet (latest release) to Newton.co to trade. I initiated this transaction about over 9 days ago, and I have read through instructions to recreate wallets and all different options to having my transaction start confirming. The issue is my transactions have already started confirming, so I know it's on the blockchain. However, it is still confirming, and I do not see anything received on my trading platform. Certain groups have mentioned that these funds can be accessed after 10 confirmations, however they are not fully confirmed which makes it insecure to accept the transaction. Super new and super unaware of how everything fully works, so just wondering is there anything I can do to speed this up?

To note: When creating this transaction my GUI ended up crashing but upon a restart it said the transaction had gone through.

My hash is: 69b6b61b9bc790f6264f7224897c91e726953ffd6c59ceb3ce4e8c2dd321d915

xmrchain link: https://xmrchain.net/tx/69b6b61b9bc790f6264f7224897c91e726953ffd6c59ceb3ce4e8c2dd321d915/1

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    I'd recommend to contact Newton's support, as the transactions are already present on the blockchain (and confirmed). – dEBRUYNE Dec 11 '20 at 20:31

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