MacOS error message upon trying to open the wallet

Hi, I am trying to install the Monero Wallet GUI on my Mac (with latest OS Catalina 10.15.6), but after downloading, and I assume installing, when I double click the on the wallet icon (After adding exceptions to the two antivurs warnings) I get the following pop up from MacOS Catalina stating it cannot be opened.

Any ideas what the issue is?

Many Thanks

  • Which specific version of the GUI did you download? – dEBRUYNE Sep 21 '20 at 11:21
  • monero-gui-mac-x64-v0.16.0.3.dmg – Dumbonero Sep 28 '20 at 17:06
  • Which AV software do you use? – dEBRUYNE Sep 28 '20 at 18:46
  • Really don't know how to get around this other than disable AntiVirus. I disabled this and can open up the App fine :-) I did notice that there is a new version coming out v17.0, but it looks like only the CLI wallet is there, so I will continue installing the v16.0.3 version of the GUI. Thanks dEBRUYNE for your assistance. – Dumbonero Oct 1 '20 at 7:58

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