So i've been using monero(https://www.getmonero.org)version ( (Qt 5.12.8) for awhile now. I updated to the latest same day i made the transfer.

Never had problem sending funds from one wallet to another. Well this time the funds from wallet 1 isn't showing up in wallet 2.

In wallet 1(fully synced) transaction history shows everything perfectly, I got the transaction ID, total XMR sent, fee's, 460 confirmations, and the output address(which i checked plenty times) is all correct.

But when I login to wallet 2(fully sync), I see no incoming transactions, its been 14 hours since the funds have been sent.

I’ve done everything no differently from other times. What’s going on, where did my funds go?

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Ok so what i did was completely delete the log and did a full restore wallet and let it fully resynchronized and the funds show now.

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