I applied the update monero.gui. from monero.gui.v0.16.0.2 on Zorin 15.2 and followed the instructions for a new installation from your website.

  • Have you already tried rebooting your system? – dEBRUYNE Aug 26 '20 at 18:53
  • I have rebooted numerous times, added shared library files etc. – theob Aug 27 '20 at 19:50
  • Does GUI v0.16.0.2 still work properly? Also, do you see any errors in monero-wallet-gui.log? – dEBRUYNE Aug 28 '20 at 17:32
  • No, I tried that and it gives me the same message. Where can I find the monero-wallet-gui.log ? – theob Aug 29 '20 at 10:35
  • Did any Monero version work properly on your system or is this the first time you are trying to run Monero? monero-wallet-gui.log should be in the same directory as monero-wallet-gui. If not, I'd recommend simply searching the system for the file. – dEBRUYNE Aug 29 '20 at 11:43

The issue was resolved by starting the GUI as follows:

QMLSCENE_DEVICE=softwarecontext ./monero-wallet-gui

QMLSCENE_DEVICE=softwarecontext is basically a fallback mode with respect to graphics. It can be utilized in case the 'default graphics' do not properly support the rendering of the GUI.

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