I am getting "Parse error" on a make_integrated_address request. How do I fix it?

I generated the payment ID using this command in the terminal : openssl rand 32 -hex

The error looks like this:

{"error": {"code": -32700, "message": "Parse error"}, "id": 0, "jsonrpc": "2.0"}

My request is:

string str = "{\"jsonrpc\":\"2.0\",\"id\":\"0\",\"method\":\"make_integrated_address\",\"params\":{\"standard_address\":\"myaddress\",payment_id:\"1027188273c9f2e53131e303404b6e7d9d3ead01d70ca258d0fa63cb6fd14b93\"}}";

string gg = GetResponse (str);
return gg;

Your parameter name payment_id is not quoted.

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The payment ID you are trying to use is too long (32 bytes, when it should be 8 bytes).

From the documentation:

payment_id - string; (Optional, defaults to a random ID) 16 characters hex encoded.

Example call:

 curl -sd '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":"0", "method":"make_integrated_address","params": {"payment_id":"5b67d705bbf72c77"}}' http://localhost:28084/json_rpc

And response:

  "id": "0",
  "jsonrpc": "2.0",
  "result": {
    "integrated_address": "A8mA7fFvCnjhmoNQpCrDBQXFM25rqFBZYBq8RepazSLSBwsj5kRtuM9iCSuz3vs9KbfZhrQj1BKRxVCpyqii7pca5EzinX4GnyZEXS34vk",
    "payment_id": "5b67d705bbf72c77"

@user36303 also correctly points out you have not quoted the parameter name payment_id.

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  • Thanks. Corrected it. But still getting the same error. New payment id : 5e36810680adf57e – Guga Todua Aug 16 at 18:35
  • Have you also added the quotes per @user36303's answer? Thus 16 characters hex encoded, quoted "payment_id". Also, as you are wanting to use a random ID, you don't need to supply that parameter; it will default to a random ID. – jtgrassie Aug 16 at 19:11
  • Yes. I tried without quotes too. Now I removed payment_id parameter and I'm getting Method Not Found error. Also, address I'm typing as standard_address is taken from Monero GUI. Did I do it correctly? – Guga Todua Aug 16 at 20:01
  • 1
    I suspect it's your code then. It works fine for me. curl -sd '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":"0","method":"make_integrated_address","params":{"payment_id":"5b67d705bbf72c77"}}' http://localhost:28084/json_rpc – jtgrassie Aug 16 at 20:32
  • 1
    Also, @user36303's comment is referring to the actual parameter name, not the value, which you have not quoted. – jtgrassie Aug 16 at 20:44

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