When Monero implements RingCT, how will the transition be handled?

In particular, how will pre RingCT outputs be migrated into outputs available for use in RingCT transactions?


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When someone uses a rct transaction, the outputs are necessarily rct. From hard fork 4 (expected in or around march 2017), both rct and non rct transactions will be permitted. From hard fork 5 (expected in or around september 2017), non rct transasctions will be permitted only if they are spending unmixable outputs (ie, the rules for allowing mixin 0 now).

If you want to make all your outputs rct, you should be able to use sweep_unmixable first, then sweep_all. Assuming you do not have a large amount of tiny inputs, that should make your whole balance only in rct outputs.

  • The content of the answer above it perfect, but I wanted to mention that there now appears to be a good chance the timetables able will be accelerated: hellomonero.com/article/… Aug 31, 2016 at 2:25
  • Update: Hard fork v4 (RingCT allowed, not necessary) was Jan 2017, and Hard fork v5 (RingCT mandatory) was Sept 15 2017 ("increased the minimum ring signature size to 5 across the network, banned duplicate ring members in a ring signature, and enforced the use of ringCT for all transaction outputs").
    – user1076
    May 30, 2018 at 7:35

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