apologies if this is not the right place to ask. There's a "support" page on xmrpool but it only says "Support on #monero-pools" which to me doesn't mean much.

Anyway, in the FAQ page (https://www.xmrpool.net/#/help/faq) in response to the hardware question, there's a link which supposedly lists "community collected hashrate results". The problem is, doesn't seem to be what it says. While the true address should be, I guess, https://monerobenchmarks.info/, the link points to a lousy "http://monerobechmarks.byethost5.com/" (the first time i clicked the link i was a redirected to a "get millionaire with btc" site, if i try again i get nothing...).

I wonder if someone is looking after that website? Thank you

  • #monero-pools -> Freenode IRC channel #monero-pools – jtgrassie Jul 25 '20 at 9:24

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