First I got the Error: Can't create transaction: unexpected error: Wrong Device Status: SW=1 ((EXPECT=9000, MASK=ffff). Then, as I re inputted the Ledger Nano S PIN and tried again I got the normal message: Creating Transaction Please check your hardware wallet - your input may be required. This message ran for ages (about an hour) and I put the PIN into the Ledger nano S again. This time I got the various messages: Accept Fee, Verify Amount and Destination, Accept TX and OK these.The amount of XMR remained the same and I thought I would wait so closed the wallet down.

On trying to log back in with password I get: Couldn't open Wallet: Wrong Device Status: SW=6e00 (Expect=9000,MASK=ffff).

Truly appreciate any help to be able to 1) access wallet and 2) SEND funds

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    Which version of the Ledger Monero App do you have? You can check on the device. – dEBRUYNE Jul 5 at 17:46
  • Hi dEBRUYNE, Thanks for reaching out. The Monero app version on the Ledger is 1.6.0 – Georgemichalski Jul 7 at 8:39
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    Please see my comments here: monero.stackexchange.com/questions/12296/… | It basically applies to your situation too. – dEBRUYNE Jul 7 at 13:02
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    The Ledger Monero App v1.6.0 can only be used with GUI v0.16.0.0, which contains the bug that inhibits people with a Ledger Monero wallet from sending transactions with multiple inputs. Probably easiest to wait until GUI v0.16.0.2 is released and then upgrade. – dEBRUYNE Jul 9 at 11:10
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    You're welcome and note that GUI v0.16.0.2 is now released! reddit.com/r/Monero/comments/hp6sly/… – dEBRUYNE Jul 11 at 19:52

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