I am trying to verify a transaction manually..but not knowing some components of message m.

The message is derived from:

m = H( H(tx_prefix), H(ss), H(range proofs) )


tx_prefix = {
    tx version (ringCT = 2),
    inputs {key offsets, key image},
    outputs {one-time addresses},
    extra {transaction public key, payment ID or encoded payment ID, misc.}

ss = {
    signature type,
    transaction fee,
    pseudo output commitments for inputs,
    ecdhInfo (masks and amounts), output commitments

My questions are...

[1.] What is the format of key offsets?

Take a transaction as an example:


The key offsets above is [799048, 782511, 1197717, 216704, 841722]. However they should not be the input format for hash. What the right format looks like?

[2.] What is the format of transaction fee?

The txnFee above is 26000000000 but the hex format is 8088e2ed60. Should I use 8088e2ed60 instead? And how it transforms from 26000000000?

[3.] What is the range proofs

In the example, Is the range proofs "rangeSigs"?

I am stuck here for a long time.. Please help on it, many thanks!

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    The key offsets and transaction fee are recorded as 'varints'. See this previous question. And yes rangeSigs should be the range proofs hashed. – koe May 21 at 3:53
  • Thanks! It helps! – Mooooo May 21 at 9:31
  • What precisely do you want to verify? The MLSAG signature, the range proof??? – jtgrassie May 22 at 2:21
  • Sorry for implicit information.. I want to verify MLSAG signature and I used a RCTTypefull case. – Mooooo May 22 at 2:55
  • When verifying RCTTypefull type, what should I do if there is no pseudo output commitment for inputs? – Mooooo May 22 at 2:58

Consult to the Varint description and transform from decimal to variant format for key offsets and transaction fee.

[1.] What is the format of key offsets?

799048 -> c8e230
782511 -> afe12f
1197717-> 958d49
216704 -> 809d0d
841722 -> faaf33

So the key offsets should be c8e230afe12f958d49809d0dfaaf33

[2.] What is the format of transaction fee?

Same as [1.] transaction fee should be 8088e2ed60

[3.] What is the range proofs?

I am not sure but I think the range proofs in MLSAG verifying is the concatenation of all asig and Ci. If it's wrong please correct me. Many thanks!

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    For RCTTypeFull, yes range sigs would be a concatenation of asig and Ci. You could check the implementation to see how it's done exactly get_pre_mlsag_hash(). – koe May 22 at 6:45
  • @koe There is no pseudo output commitments for inputs in RCTTypeFull. So, I should pass it, right? – Mooooo May 22 at 7:02
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    Well they don't exist, so yeah. – koe May 22 at 7:04

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