It seems the sync process is tediously slow with it's verification. I do know of the bootstrap file, but I'm not sure how secure this is (How to synchronize the GUI wallet using the blockchain bootstrap seems to state that verification is disabled for this)? There isn't even a known hash given for the bootstrap file?

Is there a known state of the blockchain that is hashed / verified somewhere?

  • Downloading and importing the raw blockchain is slower than just letting your daemon sync of the network. May 17, 2020 at 15:51

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You are probably looking for bootstrap node

monerod --help

  --bootstrap-daemon-address arg        URL of a 'bootstrap' remote daemon that
                                        the connected wallets can use while 
                                        this daemon is still not fully synced.
                                        Use 'auto' to enable automatic public 
                                        nodes discovering and bootstrap daemon 

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