Good Day I hope someone can assist me.I have downloaded monero and the syncronization has been busy for 50hours and it has downloaded 77GB excluding the 30GB LMBD folder. i need to know how much will it continue to download as i am out of space and when i want to start mining it cant start. This is in my log when type Help and press enter: [5/3/2020 9:06 PM] 2020-05-03 19:06:31.966 I Monero 'Carbon Chamaeleon' (v0.15.0.1-6def88ad4) 2020-05-03 19:06:31.968 I Generating SSL certificate Monero 'Carbon Chamaeleon' (v0.15.0.1-6def88ad4) Commands: alt_chain_info [blockhash] ban [] banned bans bc_dyn_stats check_blockchain_pruning diff exit flush_cache bad-txs flush_txpool [] hard_fork_info help [] hide_hr in_peers is_key_image_spent limit [] limit_down [] limit_up [] mining_status out_peers output_histogram [@] [] pop_blocks print_bc [] print_block | print_cn print_coinbase_tx_sum [] print_height print_net_stats print_pl [white] [gray] [pruned] [publicrpc] [] print_pl_stats print_pool print_pool_sh print_pool_stats print_status print_tx [+hex] [+json] prune_blockchain relay_tx rpc_payments save set_bootstrap_daemon (auto | none | host[:port] [username] [password]) set_log | show_hr start_mining [|auto] [do_background_mining] [ignore_battery] status stop_daemon stop_mining sync_info unban update (check|download) version

  • Showing the output of the help command isn't of any use to anyone except you, it just prints the names/docs of the commands you can run. Run status instead. – jtgrassie May 4 '20 at 1:04
  • As @jtgrassie said, please type status and post the output here such that we can investigate and assist with resolving your issue. – dEBRUYNE May 4 '20 at 9:11

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