I tried searching for Wownero's emission schedule, but only found mining profit calculators and this question here, but it doesn't have any hard numbers.

Is there an equation or equivalent to this Google sheet for Monero on Wownero's mining emission?

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You can see the emission curve here:

It's essentially the same exponential decay as Monero, but stretched out over 50 years or so rather than 7 or 8 years for Monero. Also note that there is no tail emission.

It is calculated from the source code. You can get the function here: https://github.com/wownero/wownero/blob/4c6c7ab87b2a56165f400f6e49f17b9577a2bcad/src/cryptonote_basic/cryptonote_basic_impl.cpp#L84 and you can get the params to plug into the function in here: https://github.com/wownero/wownero/blob/master/src/cryptonote_config.h


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