I'm using Cake Wallet version 1.0.5 for android on a Samsung Galaxy S20+.

When trying to restore a wallet from seed, I enter the mnemonic seed, a wallet name, and the restore height. Then when I click the Restore button, it says Exception: Instance of 'WalletRestoreFromSeedException'. I am unable to proceed from here. What is wrong?

  • Probably best to reach out to Cake Wallet on Telegram directly. – selsta Mar 31 at 21:09
  • Are you trying to restore a wallet you've created on Cake Wallet previously? The more details you can provide the better idea we'll have of the issue at hand. If this is a wallet you've previously created with Cake Wallet, can you try using a new name for this wallet when you restore? – William Apr 1 at 15:15

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