Looking at a monero transaction, I can't see any amounts. Where is this encrypted exactly? Take for example: https://moneroblocks.info/tx/9adbcfa8fe9011c2451b9636d3b68312047e93ec4477bf894687fb182a93a4c2

I can see the fee was: 0.000161200000 XMR

But all the amounts are hidden. Where in the transaction data is this hidden?


The encrypted/masked amounts are stored in the tx ecdhInfo field.

If you want to view these masked amounts on an explorer:

If you want to view in a daemon:

print_tx 9adbcfa8fe9011c2451b9636d3b68312047e93ec4477bf894687fb182a93a4c2 +json
"ecdhInfo": [ {                                                                                              
    "amount": "5ba540ef53551f4b"                                                                                   }, {                                                                                                       
    "amount": "10779889c631fda5"                                                                             

You will need the address/subaddress and private view key to decode the amounts.

Go to xmrchain.net and fill in the missing address and viewkey.

Edit: Here's some light reading for deeper knowledge of Monero. Transaction structure is described in detail in Appendix A/B.

  • i dont have any of that. i'm just viewing the blockchain as an outsider. i want to know where the amount is hidden in the Trasaction data that is given to us. – Patoshi パトシ Mar 27 '20 at 19:59

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