I understand the concept of hash, PoW and difficulty, but what I want to know is that in monero, when a block is mined, what is the rule to accept that block as valid and when the difficulty change, what change in the hash of the PoW (to be consider as a valid block)?

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A hash is just a number. The hash is valid (in PoW terms) if it meets the current network difficulty. The network difficulty keeps getting adjusted so that the subsequent blocks get found approximately every 2 minutes.

As for determining if a hash meets the current network difficulty:

if B / H >= D then valid

Where B is the base (max) difficulty, 2^256-1, H is the hash and D is the current network difficulty.

Of course, the block being submitted also has to be a valid block (i.e. parses to a Monero block structure, has correct coinbase transaction etc etc).

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    Ok, it become a lot clearer when you explain like this. Thank you very much
    – New1997
    Mar 14, 2020 at 6:33

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