Here are codes in function bytes_to_words():

w[0] = SWAP32LE(*(const uint32_t*)(src + (i * 4)));
w[1] = w[0] % word_list_length;
words += word_list[w[1]];

Then I try a case whose mnemonics are:

gesture mouth bids aglow tudor bawled insult listen jewels sugar calamity alley obvious sovereign jubilee legion oyster gumball using payment gumball giving sedan splendid giving

And the Seed should be:


I'd like to generate first mnemonics "gesture" with seed above so I calculate 688b988f mod 1626 and get 1441 which is not right index of wordlist...

Is there anything wrong with the process?

  • Is the endianness accounted for? – koe Feb 21 at 10:28
  • 1
    @koe You got the point! I mistook the endianness. Mine is bigendian and I thought it was littleendian. – Mooooo Feb 23 at 3:29

Example, taking your seed number:


Then byte swapped (and split):

8f988b68 3813e57d f261aa3d e57f8082 a671beaa b958aa39 b6ea6bcb 0c0af8f5

The first 4 bytes are:


Which as decimal is:



2409139048 mod 1626 = 538 = words[538] = gesture

Which (following on from this question), is the first of the 3 words (gesture, mouth, bids), generated from the 4 bytes 8f988b68.

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    Great!! Thank you very much! – Mooooo Feb 22 at 15:34

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