Does the network still accept mixin 0/1 transactions?

Did Poloniex update their transactions to use a higher mixin?

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As of the Monero 0.9.0 Hydrogen Helix release the minimum mixin is 2 (2 foreign outputs per ring for a total of 3) with the exception of dust transactions. The minimum mixin will be raised to 4 in a future fork probably at the same time as RingCT according to discussions from the most recent developer meeting.

The numbers above along with the simplewallet default come from Monero Research Lab recommendations:

Our recommended improvements to Monero include a protocol-level network-wide minimum mix-in policy of n = 2 foreign outputs per ring signature, a protocol-level increase of this value to n = 4 after two years, and a wallet-level default value of n = 4 in the interim.

Poloniex upgraded along with every other exchange and major mining pool and therefore abides by the new minimum mixin rules.

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