I'm using the monero-gui-win-x64-v0.15.0.2 version wallet.

I understand the usage of Payment IDs is now deprecated, but some miner companies - such as Genesis Mining for example - are still asking for a Monero Wallet + Payment ID. Without a Payment ID no payments are performed.

How is it possible to generate a Payment ID with Monero nowadays?

Thank you

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Old unencrypted payment IDs were deprecated some time ago and support was finally removed from the official wallets last release. Therefore, while it's still technically feasible to add an old style payment ID, no wallets will actually recognize it.

Only encrypted payment IDs are supported nowadays and these are created by making an integrated address. Alternatively use subaddresses.

If your question is about how to technically add a payment ID, knowing nothing will recognize it, this is done by adding the data prefixed with the TX_EXTRA_NONCE and TX_EXTRA_NONCE_PAYMENT_ID bytes to the tx extra field.

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