I have some questions about hard wallet use with Monero, assuming one is using Windows 10 with Monero GUI with i2p and Tor, or Tails, local node. I just want the ability to make transactions, and monitor incoming payments through web payments.I will only be using the cold wallet for Monero, and no other crypto.

  1. **When will Kastelo Hard Wallet be ready for use?

  2. Is NANO ledger S easier for use than NANO x?

  3. As I understand it, if you store Monero on a paper wallet, I can create a 'view only' wallet to monitor incoming payments. But each time I spend Monero from this paper wallet, I will need to forward the remaining balance to a new paper wallet because the spend keys are on my GUI? This means that the old paper wallet is now empty and I don't need to 'close' it in some way. The inconvenience of creating a new paper wallet each time can be solved by using using NANO or Kastelo hard wallet? Is my understanding correct? Or is there any other advantage of switching?

  4. If yes, then does it mean the Monero GUI allows you to create multiple accounts?**

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