Based on this question in 2016, there is no limit on the number of incoming connections. However, based on this commit in 2018, users can set a limit for this number.

By default, when I don't set any limit for the arg_in_peers via RPC command, the value will be -1. Does this mean my node cannot accept any incoming connection, or there will be no limit on this number? In other words, what is the default value of max_in_connection_count?


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The default value for in-peers is -1 (unlimited). The reason -1 is (in effect) unlimited is because max_in_connection_count is an unsigned integer and therefore 0-1 wraps to the maximum of an uint32_t (i.e. 2^32-1).

If you need to limit the inbound connections, set in-peers=N (replacing N with the number of incoming peers to allow) in your daemon config.

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