I am currently using the Monero GUI Desktop app on a Macbook Pro (verion 14). The laptop is outdated and I bought a new one. I plan on wiping my old one and giving it to a niece. I just bought a Ledger Nano X because I thought it would help with "where to store my cryptocurrencies" and be less bound to a single software wallet. I've been reading the ledger blog about how to do this, as well as other stackexchanges about this and am still having a hard time understanding how this will work. As the title suggests I'm hoping in the end, I will have my ledger capable of operating the wallet across Android, Linux and Mac. And I'd like to know how I'm suppose to set up the existing wallet (on the ledger) on new devices.

The guide want me to generate a new wallet in the GUI when I already have a wallet with funds in it. Why can't I use the existing one?

Also, the guide says if it tries to start up a current wallet then cancel it? I do not see this when booting up the GUI. Therefore I can not click "Cancel" and get into the wizard. I don't even see an option for creating a hardware wallet. Is this in version 15? The guides seem to suggest it's on version 14.

Will I need to install the Monero GUI app's on all machines? Or can I just use the Ledger Live app?

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