I just downloaded the new GUI and completed the download of the blockchain for a local node, but for some reason the wallet is not syncing and after I restart the daemon and GUI, both of them say "synchronizing". It's been hours. Does it usually take that long?

enter image description here

How do I check the status of this synchronizing status? It is stuck here for hours after I restarted my computer and reloaded the GUI. I can't tell if it is frozen or if it's doing something. Before restarting I had a about 17371 blocks on the synchronizing wallet line, now it is back to the above screenshot. The daemon was completed before the restart.

  • Did you create a new wallet or restore one from seed? Can you provide a screenshot of the lower left status bars of the gui in your original question? – sgp Jan 6 at 19:14
  • I created a new wallet – Mike Jan 6 at 19:30
  • Your local daemon is probably not synchronized. That takes anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on your computer. If you need an easier/faster setup, try simple mode where no local daemon is needed. – sgp Jan 6 at 21:21
  • If I use the simple mode for "no local daemon" will I possibly lose privacy from what was described when I first installed the program that explained the 3 options? – Mike Jan 6 at 22:32
  • Are you running them separately or just via the GUI? It sounds like, from the way you asked, you ran the daemon separately. Please clarify the steps you took. Also, is your hard drive a spinning HD or SSD? – jtgrassie Jan 7 at 6:41

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