According to a different StackExchange question, the max transaction weight is half the penalty-free block weight, or was in protocol v8.

Looking into it however, I found check_tx_semantic() which says:

get_transaction_weight(tx) >= m_blockchain_storage.get_current_cumulative_block_weight_limit() - CRYPTONOTE_COINBASE_BLOB_RESERVED_SIZE

Now, get_current_cumulative_block_weight_limit() gets m_current_block_cumul_weight_limit which is the max block size, so it seems there are conflicting ideas.

What is the correct maximum transaction weight in protocol v12?

Note: after bulletproofs in protocol v8, transaction size gets inflated when there are more than two outputs. The new metric is called 'transaction weight'.

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What is the correct maximum transaction size in protocol v12?

Quoting the source of get_transaction_weight_limit in tx_pool.cpp:

  // from v8, limit a tx to 50% of the minimum block weight
  if (version >= 8)
    return get_min_block_weight(version) / 2 - CRYPTONOTE_COINBASE_BLOB_RESERVED_SIZE;

Which is used when adding a tx to the pool in tx_memory_pool::add_tx, core::add_new_tx and various other places eventually call through to it as well.

Looking into it, however, I found check_tx_semantic() ...

If you look a bit more you find that core::check_tx_semantic is only called by core::handle_incoming_tx_accumulated_batch which doesn't look to be called by anything.

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